Voce Angelico

Voice with Special Needs

We are excited to introduce our newest choir, Voce Angelico! This choir is composed of students with disabilities who are in grade 6 or above. This program will teach students who learn differently, the fundamentals of music and how to work cooperatively with other choir members. Students will be paired with members of our Bella Voce Choir who will act as mentors in modeling appropriate musical/vocal skills and behaviors. Members of this choir will perform music that will allow them to showcase their unique talents from time to time. While teaching musical pieces, we may employ various techniques such as using visuals or gestural cues to enhance understanding. The goal for each student is to increase his/her appreciation of music and allow each individual the opportunity of self expression through the power of music.

Rehearsals will be held weekly.

Performances for the Voce Angelico choir will include a classroom showcase where parents are invited into the classroom to participate in an organized rehearsal with our VA choristers. The Voce Angelico choir will also perform at least one song at each of the Katy Youth Choir concerts.

Choristers in the Voce Angelico choir will be expected to be respectful of Directors and aids. Because they are our treasured members of the Katy Youth Choir program, we want them to maintain respect for self and others. Physical violence will not be tolerated.

Before placement in our Voce Angelico program, Directors will meet with parents and/or caregivers to learn more about their Voce Angelico chorister. This will enable directors to be able to customize the curriculum to the special needs of the Voce Angelico choristers. Parents can expect to be involved with this choir if extra support is needed for behavior and learning.

This choral program is a ground-breaking program for the Katy Community. This program represents the need to give every child and youth in Katy a voice, regardless of physical, mental and vocal ability.