Bella Voce

Grades 6-12

The award-winning Bella Voce choir is a gold nationally ranked choir. In April 2019, the Bella Voce choir took home silver in the National Festival of Gold in Chicago, IL.

The Bella Voce choir consists of voices in grades 7 through 12. This choral program focuses on teaching vocal and choral pedagogy in a safe and uplifting environment. Our Bella Voce choir is considered an early advanced choir and sings at a High School Varsity level. Choristers with different musical backgrounds are welcome and are taught how to work together to create a unified sound. Through the use of solfege, musical theory and rhythmic exercises, choristers are able to learn choral concepts which allow them to advance in their school choirs. Whether choristers are trying to get into their school's varsity choir, are homeschooled, have lots of musical knowledge or none at all, this choir is the perfect way for them to find their voice.

At the beginning of each semester, choristers will participate in a one-day musical bootcamp. There, choristers will study music theory and solfege as they work on their repertoire. At bootcamp, choristers will also have an opportunity to bond as a choir through team building activities. This bootcamp is required as part of the Bella Voce choral program.

Rehearsals are held once a week. Each semester comprises 13 rehearsals.

Performances for the BV choir will include 2 Katy Youth Choir concerts per season, singing the National Anthem at various college and professional sports activities, and at least 2 community performances per semester.

Choristers in the Bella Voce choir will be expected to maintain a high standard of discipline, respect and dress at all times. Because they are the oldest choir of the Katy Youth Choir program, they are to be an example to all other choirs. The BV choir is also the feeder choir for the Bella Voce Coro choir. Choristers in the BVC choir are expected to be in the Bella Voce choir for one semester before they are allowed to audition. This means that behavior, musical ability, work ethic and attitudes are closely monitored so choristers who excel can be invited to audition for the Bella Voce Coro program.

Choir Details


$425 per season or $250 per semester
$35 Bootcamp Fee per semester
Payment plans available


Mondays 6-7:30 pm at St. Peters United Methodist Church


BV Bootcamp a week or two before each semester
Family BBQ follows each bootcamp and is essential for the bonding of the choir


Perform at 2 KYC Concerts
2 group performances
National Anthem at sporting events
Touring opportunities


Choristers need to be in grades 6 – 12 or have a special invitation to join this choir
Choristers should have a basic knowledge of solfège (opt)
Choristers should be able to sight-read music at an intermediate level (opt)
Choristers need to have a positive attitude and respect for others
Choristers will commit to attending at least 80% of all rehearsals and performances
Choristers will commit to adhere to all Standards of Behavior as written in the Participation Handbook