Bella Voce Coro

Grades 6-12 - Audition Only

The Bella Voce Coro choir is the signature choir of the Katy Youth Choir program and exemplifies musical excellence in every way.

The Bella Voce Coro choir is the perfect choir for those choristers who want to take their choral singing experience to the next level. Created for voices in grades 5 through 12, The Bella Voce Coro choir offers a more rigorous musical experience that will stretch the abilities of its singers.

At the beginning of each semester, choristers will participate in a 3-day overnight camp at Trinity Pines (by Lake Livingston). There, choristers will study music theory and solfege as they work on their repertoire. At camp, choristers will also have an opportunity to bond as a choir through team building activities.

Rehearsals will be held twice a week.

Performances for the BVC choir will include all BV performances as well as 2 BVC performances each semester.

Choristers in the Bella Voce Coro choir will be expected to maintain a high standard of discipline, respect and dress at all times. Because they are the signature choir of the Katy Youth Choir program, they are to be an example to all other choirs. The BVC choir will be the face of the Katy Youth Choir program and will compete on a state, national and international level. Choristers in this program should be prepared to travel for competitions and international festivals.

This choral program is a ground-breaking program for the Katy Community. This program represents the musical excellence found in the Katy community and will help spread the word about the performing arts programs in Katy.

Choir Details


$675 per season or $350 per semester (includes both BV and BVC tuition)
$100 Camp Fee per semester (includes both Bootcamp and 3-day camp)
Payment plans available


Monday rehearsals with Bella Voce 5:45 – 7:15 pm at St. Peters United Methodist Church
Thursday rehearsals 5-7 pm at 2126 Great Prairie Lane


3-Day Camp at Trinity Pines Jan 2 – 4 (more details to come)
BV Bootcamp Jan 11, 2126 Great Prairie Laner


BVC will perform at all BV and joint BV/PV performances
Perform at KYC Concert
2 other solo group performances
Touring opportunities
Recording opportunities


Choristers will need to audition to be in this choir
Choristers should have a basic knowledge of solfège
Choristers should be able to sight-read music at an intermediate level
Choristers will need to have been in the Bella Voce choir for at least 1 semester before
auditioning or they will need to have attended a Katy Youth Choir camp and have special invitation to audition
Choristers will commit to adhere to all Standards of Behavior as written in the Participation Handbook


Choristers will be asked to sight read music
Choristers should have 2 contrasting song selections prepared for audition (no more than 1 ½ minutes each)
Auditions will take 15 minutes