Our Mission

Giving Every Child a Voice

The award-winning Katy Youth Choir is a 501(c)3 non-profit community choral program that strives to give each child a voice through the power of music.

This hands-on choral program focuses on teaching vocal and choral pedagogy in a safe and uplifting environment. Diverse choristers with different musical backgrounds are welcome and are taught how to work together to create a beautiful and unified sound. Through the use of solfege, rhythmic exercises, and movement, choristers are able to learn choral concepts, building upon the musical foundations taught in the previous choirs as they progress throughout the program.

Whether a chorister is striving to get in to their Varsity school choir, looking for more opportunities to perform, wants to learn music in a choral setting or just loves to sing, KYC has a choir for everyone!

Our History

An Overview of the Katy Youth Choir

In 2011, Dr Debra Siebert saw the need for a community choral program in the city of Katy, Texas and started the Katy Children's Choir as a singing class in her home. Focusing on musical theater and choral singing, Dr. Siebert laid the foundation for what the program is today.

In 2015, Dr. Siebert enlisted the help of Megan Godfrey who specialized in directing children's choirs and teaching music. Combining her passion for children's choirs along with her love of enterprise, Megan quickly caught on to Dr. Siebert's vision of the choir and joined the Katy Children's Choir program. In late 2015 Megan Godfrey took over the program as both Artistic and Executive Director and rebranded the choir to be the Katy Youth Choir and the program, as it stands today, was born.

In order to add more depth to the program, Miss Megan took the Bella Voce choir to San Antonio in April 2018 to compete in the Worldstrides Festival. The choir took home a gold national ranking and maintains its status as being ranked in the top 10% of choirs in the United States.

In April of 2019, the Bella Voce choir, under the direction of Megan Godfrey, was invited to compete in the National Festival of Gold music competition in Chicago. The Bella Voce choir was the only community choir invited to this competition. They competed against high school choirs from across America and Canada and the BV choir took home silver.

Because singing doesn't only happen during the school year, the Katy Youth Choir program expanded to include summer camps in the summer of 2018. The Katy Youth Choir summer camps focus on showchoir and musical theater skills as they teach children and youth another dynamic to choral singing. In 2020, the Katy Youth Choir program will be adding a Spring Sing camp during spring break to give its choristers more opportunities to sing and perform.

To better serve the needs of the community, the Katy Youth Choir is expanding its programs to include 3 more choirs. Calling each choral program "voce" (the Italian word for voice), KYC hopes to further its reach in giving each child a voice. The new Poco Voce program now includes choirs for voices starting in preschool through second grade. The Prima Voce choir includes voices from grades 3 – 5. It builds upon what is taught in the Poco Voce classes to give choristers a deeper knowledge of choral pedagogy. The Bella Voce choir includes voices from grades 6-12 and seeks to enhance its chorister's musical abilities. For singers who wish to push themselves, musically, and experience performing in national and international competitions and festivals, KYC has added Bella Voce Coro to its programming. This is the Katy Youth Choir's only auditioned choir. It is created to challenge its singers and give them an in-depth experience of the power of choral music.

The last program that the Katy Youth Choir will be releasing in January of 2020 is the Voce Angelico program. This program is a hands-on, immersive choir that is designed to reach those voices who have special needs. Aitran Jaime, who specializes in working with children and youth with special needs will be working alongside Miss Megan to bring this "angelic voices" choir into the Katy Youth Choir program.

As the community of Katy changes, the Katy Youth Choir program adapts to meet the needs of the children and youth in the community. It is our hope that one day we will have the ability to reach all children and youth in the community and give them a voice.