To The Katy Youth Choir

The award-winning Katy Youth Choir is a 501(c)3 non-profit community choral program that strives to give each child a voice through the power of music.

This hands-on choral program focuses on teaching vocal and choral pedagogy in a safe and uplifting environment. Diverse choristers with different musical backgrounds are welcome and are taught how to work together to create a beautiful and unified sound. Through the use of solfege, rhythmic exercises, and movement, choristers are able to learn choral concepts, building upon the musical foundations taught in the previous choir as they progress throughout the program.

Whether a chorister is striving to get in to their Varsity school choir, looking for more opportunities to perform, wants to learn music in a choral setting or just loves to sing, KYC has a choir for everyone!

Our Choirs

Giving Every Child a Voice

Because the mission of the Katy Youth Choir program is to give every child a voice, we have a choir for everyone! Feel free to explore our choirs and learn more about the Katy Youth Choir program.